The Chastening of a Young Queene

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I think we’ve got it backwards.  Though I have much study and reading, and rereading, to do I believe I can fairly say that we, in general, are guilty of approaching courtship (among other things related to the Covenant) backwards in a manner that will not produce the desired affect.  You cannot will means into a result that is contrary to their nature.  Continue reading ‘The Chastening of a Young Queene’


Tanka Tuesday

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In an effort to be cool like Remshot, I give you Tanka Tuesday.

The podcast for Poetry Magazine, during its recent March 31 cast, is quoted as saying, “…that’s a little haiku, or I think they call them tankas in Japanese.  Actually they are both words from the Japanese language.  It didn’t take me much research to find out that the poetic form of the haiku(5-7-5) is derived from a more ancient form known as the tanka(5-7-5-7-7).  I’ll probably post both under the same heading.

I like tanka because it alludes to the fact that the “Native Americans” migrated over through the Asian continents.  Much of my studies as a young teenager revolved around native American studies. My favorite tribe is the Lakota Sioux, who call bison tatanka. Interesting, similar people – similar language.

Maxim Maundy

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Still time to squeeze in a maxim for Monday…how bout a deceptively strange one

Know your material

I think in its origin my mind was on the viceral, yet with the passage of time this maxim has achieved trascendance. When I made it up, I was thinking about plywood…and also about driving nails with a hammer.

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Here as There

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Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done here on earth as it is in Heaven

How do we get there…here? A house is not built from the top down.  A mountain does not begin as a peak. A tree does not grow to the ground.  Continue reading ‘Here as There’

man aioli

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It’s Friday, lets talk food.

I have been a fan of food for a while.  Not only eating but also the preparation of food ever since my scouting days as the camp cook.  It is not enough for me to just enjoy something if that something speaks to me in a transcendental way, bugs me on a metaphorical level, or if I think it is an important thing for the benefit of God’s covenant family.  I want to know how to produce this thing so that it can be shared.   There has been a real boom in my exposure to recipes lately, mainly supplemented by my beloved wife being on bedrest for the past 8-weeks+.  During this period I have also become exposed to cable television and the Internet for the first time in a long time and this has encouraged me to cook and experiment.  I have recently discovered a great fondness for the aroma of olive oil hitting a warm pan – this smell is biblical.  And I have received the revelation of the condiment featured herein.

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My most successful recipe…so far

•3 April 2008 • 1 Comment

Eley PanEney

panini – Italian for sandwich

The short story:

meatball panini with mozzarella, marinara, & aioli

The dissertation:

For me, it starts with your bread.  Continue reading ‘My most successful recipe…so far’

Maxim Maundy

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“If I can, I must”

This maxim could be applied to many contexts, most of them probably unbiblical and not at all what I had in mind when it came to mine. Continue reading ‘Maxim Maundy’