The Beginning of a Life, the End of an Era

On April 15th my daughter was born.  After a week now, I have rejoined the living and discovered that Ollie Johnson passed away that same day.  Ollie Johnson was the final living member of Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men.

You may not think you know Johnson, or any of the other Old Men, but chances are that if you have ever watched a classic Disney animated feature (and you probably have) and have a favorite scene (which you probably do) it was animated by one of The Nine.

Ollie Johnson animated almost all of the main characters in Disney’s The Jungle Book (and much of the dwarves action in Snow White), most memorable is the dance scence of Ballou the Bear and Mogli the Man Child to the music of the Sherman Brothers The Bear Necessities


~ by Aaron W Eley on 26 April 2008.

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