pizza nite

I have to admit that food tastes best under two circumstances:

a) you’re camping

b) someone else is doing the cooking

For the first option, the person cooking doesn’t necessarily even have to know how to cook.  Anything tastes good right about then.  The second option encompasses both homemade and store bought products (someone else does the cleanup too).  But for both I would interject that it is desirable that the food be prepared with love.  You should always be able to taste the love in a dish.


P.S.  My tip for (one of) the best deal(s) in town.  If your going to be consuming mass-produced pizza anyway, I would suggest the house brand for Wallie World.  I first ran accross these at Sam’s, and of course they’re even cheaper there.  For a few cents more they’ll even bake it for you while you shop.  Or bring it home and warm it up, but I would recommend finishing off any pizza under the broiler.  It gives you that desirable doneness on top that you get from a pie shop.


~ by Aaron W Eley on 10 April 2008.

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