Here as There

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done here on earth as it is in Heaven

How do we get there…here? A house is not built from the top down.  A mountain does not begin as a peak. A tree does not grow to the ground.  As Jim Jordan pointed out twenty-years ago, when you’re going to build a house you have to start with a plan…a complete plan.  The house he was referring to was God’s creation.

I remember years ago these witty little t-shirts, or bumper stickers, or bracelets or something in Christian bookstores that was basically a kitchy love letter from Jesus to His faithful followers that said something along the vein of, “I’m leaving for a while to prepare you a home.  Once Dad and I are done working on this new home for y’all, I’ll come back and get you and take you away with me.”  Though a very popular sentiment, one that I shared with my postmodern Baptist brethren a decade ago, I have to beg a question…albeit a rhetorical one.  Isn’t that backwards?  How can we grow in faithfulness to our Lord if our thoughts are the exact opposite to what He is trying to teach us in His Word?  Isn’t He saying, “I must go to be with my Father for a time until you prepare a place for me and then I will return?”  It’s right there in front of our faces on the page.  It is not the Earth that is the SS. Moody

Assume you had a group of peers. Peers meaning that this group is of a similar mind.  In a biblical worldview, who would lead this group?  The most ambitious?  The most popular?  The most persuasive? The Bible tells us that the least among us will become the greatest in the Kingdom.

those who are recognized as rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them and their great men exercise authority over them.  But is not so among you, but that whomever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant and whomever wishes to be first among you shall be slave of all.  For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve ~ Mark 10:42-45

It is a common problem among young men that they seek the approval of men that they admire.  This object of their worship is usually their fathers and the quest can be one of idolatry.  Whose approval do we seek above all others but God himself?  And we see in the excerpt above that if one is to be set up, approved, promoted by God that it will not be Mr. Congeniality.  It will be the servant. 

It is not a godly leader that will change our culture. A new messiah of the populous will not stand up and say ‘follow me.’  If our intent is to see God’s Kingdom come to Earth as it is in Heaven, we must begin at the bottom – in the dirt work – at the foundation.  A biblical church body cannot begin with a cathedral and hope to be anything more than a whitewashed tomb…a place without substance…a house than cannot endure.  Where do we begin so that we may one day see a man of God in the White House rather than a modern day Caesar?  I believe that a Covenantal approach to understanding God’s Word to His people will show us that we must begin with the family.  We must insist upon godly leadership in the home – the smallest of governments.  Godly fathers will love their wives and raise up godly families that will fill their communities with godly churches – churches that will fill our towns and result in a community that insists upon biblical leadership in the local governments.  And it all grows up from there.  We’ve all heard it said ‘who’s fault is it’; it is the churches fault.  It is our fault.  A dysfunctional family leads to a dysfunctional house and a Kingdom that cannot prosper.

A:         What do you want to be when you grow up?

G:         A king.

A:         You will be a King because you are a prince.  And to be a King is to be a servant – to put the desires of others before you own desires and to care for others before yourself. 

When the culture has been permeated by christian influence, and becomes a Christian homeland, then the great and beautiful Garden-Churches (cathedrals) can be built.  So it was with Rome, So it was with Europe and so it must be in our day.
Our cathedrals have been defiled, and our homes are under assault as officials of the secular humanist government seek to close down our Christian schools and invade Christian homes.  Thus, ours is not a day of cathedral building, but a day of cultural permeation. Faithfulness must come first, and only then will glory come. ~ Jordan 1988


~ by Aaron W Eley on 6 April 2008.

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