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break outside of your cathedral

The Beginning of a Life, the End of an Era

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On April 15th my daughter was born.  After a week now, I have rejoined the living and discovered that Ollie Johnson passed away that same day.  Ollie Johnson was the final living member of Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men.

You may not think you know Johnson, or any of the other Old Men, but chances are that if you have ever watched a classic Disney animated feature (and you probably have) and have a favorite scene (which you probably do) it was animated by one of The Nine. Continue reading ‘The Beginning of a Life, the End of an Era’


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Margaret Kathryn “Molly Kate” moe is here.

She was born by c-section last night 04/15 at 7:32p. she wieghs almost 8lbs…the largest of the clan. She looks just like Amity.
Everybody is fine

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Walking Tall

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I found myself with a very rare opportunity yesterday afternoon.  I was off early and had a couple of hours before I needed to pick up the kids.  My bedridden wife was comfortable and napping.  So I went to my favorite place. Continue reading ‘Walking Tall’


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there are of out loud

two kinds spoken

and heard

pizza nite

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I have to admit that food tastes best under two circumstances:

a) you’re camping

b) someone else is doing the cooking

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